Growing up in the early 2000s in Edmonton, I listened to a lot of radio. And one of the most memorable things I heard on the radio during that time, in between the music and the funny host banter, was the jingle: “Cars Cost Less in Wetaskiwin!” Do you remember? There’s even a YouTube clip of the jingle—click to listen and be flooded with nostalgia!

For pretty much my entire life, that jingle and statement was the only thing I knew about Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Oh. Wetaskiwin? Cars cost less there, don’t they? Ha!

Well all of that changed this summer (August 2020), when I finally drove down to visit the as part of my “close-to-home” (pandemic-friendly) summer road trip series. The City of Wetaskiwin invited me to come visit their city and share my experiences with other Albertans who may be looking for some day trip, road trip opportunities.

Turns out there’s a lot more to Wetaskiwin than its affordable cars (lol). The city is located just 40 minutes south of south Edmonton, past Leduc, and has a lot of lovely spots you should consider stopping into as you plan close-to-home trips to take this summer.

Absolutely feel free to use this Travel Guide to plan your visit to one of the smallest and oldest cities in Canada (Wetaskiwin incorporated in 1906!)

Note: this blog post is sponsored by the City of Wetaskiwin, but all opinions are 100% mine!

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