For someone who loves to travel and explore (and well, as much as it is a hobby and passion of mine, it’s also part of my job), I have to say I really was able to keep the exploration going in 2020 fairly easily thanks to all the little towns, cities and sights to see right here in my home province of Alberta.

In and around Edmonton in particular—there’s so much to do that you could do in the evenings after work, or on weekend day trips, and despite all the little, close-to-home trips I’ve been doing the last few months, I honestly don’t think I’ve barely scratched the staycation surface!

But I’m slowly checking off exploring all these Alberta destinations, and the latest one I got to check off is the , located just 30 minutes west of Edmonton. (If you’re from Edmonton, ever wonder where Stony Plain Road takes you if you keep going west? The Town of Stony Plain!)

Where to Eat in Stony Plain

There’s a lot of delicious, locally-owned restaurants in the Town of Stony Plain, including a favourite breakfast spot for Mike and I—Twenty Eight Urban Kitchen! 

We’ve actually been for breakfast and lunch here a few times prior to this specific day trip, and each time I thought to myself “I want to blog about this place!” and never got around to it. Until now!

Twenty Eight Urban Kitchen is unique because not only does it offer Canadian breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, it also serves a selection of Filipino/Asian cuisine, as the owners are an Asian family.

This is an interesting looking restaurant—brick wall on one side, bright teals and blues, and then wallpapers on the other sides and a bike hoisted against the wall where the wheels form the O in the word FOOD decaled on the wall. And they serve really great food. I’m very partial to the Filipino tapsilog (marinated beef sirloin slices, garlic fried rice, over easy eggs with cucumbers, tomatoes, and fish sauce). They also serve a variety of omelets, bennies, pancakes for breakfast, and a lot of burger and Asian bowl selection too.

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