The Lobby Lounge-Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour Resort @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah : An Evening with Asif Pishori. – Beyond Boundaries : Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Culture and Events

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The Lobby Lounge-Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour Resort @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah : An Evening with Asif Pishori. – Beyond Boundaries : Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Culture and Events

“Life is like a Piano…What you get out of it depends on how you play it.’-Albert Einstein 

After that great dinner at Silk Garden, we headed to the Lobby Lounge at The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour Resort (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah). Our intention was to relax while enjoying the evening snack at Lobby Lounge. A staff told us that soon Asif Pishori will be presenting his skills, performing some great music through his magical fingers. We decided to wait and witness this particular performance and see if Asif Pishori ably to entertain us. Then the man came, smiling, got himself comfortably seated next to the grand baby piano. The moment his fingers were on that keyboard, everyone stop talking. That soothing music, at times melancholic and then joyful, pretty much gave us that relaxation feel. Who is this guy? How come we never heard about him? Where did he came from? More questions asked, simply because we were mesmerized by that soothing music played by a mysterious man.

 About Asif Pishori

Currently, Asif Pishori is performing nightly at Pacific Sutera Lobby Lounge from 7.00 pm- 11.00 pm – Monday to Saturday. Born as British, Asif Pishori has been the band leader for Son2Nos, the 4 Notes, the APTrio, as well as  being the elder brother and band leader in the Asif & Rene Jazz band.  He began his formal music education studying multi-keyboards with Suzuki organ Professor Dr Leon Jazz in 1975 at the age of 6 yrs old.

In 1985, he was awarded a scholarship to study Piano keyboard and theory under Yamaha Music School Professor Dr. Paul Michael James, during which time he gained three Grade 8 Distinctions with the Associated Boards Royal School of Music and London College of Music respectively.  Later, he successfully furthered his professional qualifications with two major performance achievements – a Licentiate Pianoforte diploma and Associate Keyboard Diploma at the Central Academy of music.

Asif began teaching and performing at an early age and secured his first appointment as musical director for Yamaha Music Schools Chappell of Bond Street in London’s West end in 1987. In 1997 Asif moved to Brunei with his brothers and formed International production house Pishori Brothers Entertainment a company dedicated to nurturing & developing local, regional talents.

During this time Asif was appointed lecturer Positions at prestigious International Schools Jerudong International School & the International School Brunei In 2002 Asif successfully formed International Jazz Band & International Latin Jazz Band Four Notes & Son2nos. Both groups successful in their own rights incorporate a fusion of talents from England, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Malaysia, Brunei & the Philippines.

As of now, Asif performs in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore. He is available for Solo Piano works, various combo band & Orchestra performances, Music consultancy, Compositional works, Workshops & Lecturing. Asif Pishori is a Director of RMB Records,and lives on the beautiful island of Borneo with his beautiful wife Nancy, and their son Ben.

Interested to know more about Asif Pishori? Here is the LINK to his official Facebook page.

“The Piano is a divinely inspired instrument., a mirror held up to its player’s soul that captures the light and shadow of the performer and reflects them back to the listener.”-David Lanz

A short video by us

While waiting for our evening snack, @Lan took the opportunity to get nearer to the mini stage where the Piano is located. Since we did not have our large equipment with us, @Lan had to use his smaller Canon camera to record a small part of Asif’s play. Though it’s a short video, it’s enough for us to know that Asif Pishori is truly a great pianist, truly a performer as he managed to get all the attention. Here is the short video:

We honestly enjoyed his play that night, a classier performance we must say it. It made us felt relax. Though we’re seated at the rear of the lounge, we still ably to see and listen everything that was going-on on that mini stage. We were a bit hesitated to leave for our room as we knew that each time Asif’s was on break, he’s sure to come with another great performance. Who want to miss that great performances? Not us, so we were glued to our seat until the lounge was about to close! We both seldom do that, perhaps Asif was the reason!

Our Evening Snack

A smiling staff came to our table and since we already knew her from the recent visit, Theressa casually recommended some great snack for us. We simply let her do the explanation about the snack that we’re about to consume. As we had quite big dinner before coming to the lounge, she recommended some refreshing beverages which were Mango Lassi and Hot Honey Lemon Tea. Apart from that, she suggested that we have Fresh Fruit platter and Fisherman Catch (Fried seafood items in an edible basket!). We agreed as we were quite happy with her suggestions.

I had  Mango Lassi somewhere else but this particular Mango Lassi is definitely the best one I ever had so far. It’s so refreshing and contained original blended mango, not that too sweet. Mango is already sweet and there’s no need to add more sugar and that’s exactly what I had here at the Pacific Sutera Lobby Lounge. There’s yogurt inside (of course), it’s creamy but thin at the same time, perfect to wash down all that heavy food that we had for dinner. There’s also one Fresh Fruit platter and all the fruits on that plate were fresh and tastes so good to the point that we both emptied that plate!

@Lan had this Honey Lemon Tea. He was pretty pleased with the way the staff presented the tea. The normal tea in a different cup while the Lemon and Honey were presented separately. It made @Lan easier to control the sweet and sour taste of his tea. There’s one medium size pot with Hot Tea inside it, exclusively for him! That’s why he’s quite happy. According to him, this Hot Honey Lemon Tea was indeed refreshing. There’s no need to add sugar, he claimed, as the Honey had sufficient sweetness in it.

The Fisherman’s catch of the Day is about one great snack that have all the fried Prawns, Fish Fingers and Deep-Fried Calamari Rings inside an edible basket. That ‘ basket’ is breakable, so we had it pieces by pieces. Chili Sauce and Mayo were given to complement the snack. The Fries were crispy and had enough salt on it. Overall, we love this snack and are still craving for more!

Our 2 cents

We stayed at the Lounge quite a while as we truly enjoyed both the performance and the evening snack. We must say that Asif Pishori is truly a great pianist, one great performer who is ably to deliver good piano music to his listeners. We’re pretty sure that there’s more hidden in his talent. There’s more about him actually perhaps his vast experience in the international arena gave him that ‘extra’ edge in his performance. He’s quite different from the rest of pianists that we met before. He knows how to make his audience happy!

The evening snack was great too. We love how the Fisherman’s Catch of the day items were stack into an edible basket. Such a great idea, minus the ceramic plate, everything else were edible for us. The service was top-notch. Staffs were pretty attentive and friendly. Someone was there whenever we needed someone to either provide us with more condiments or collecting empty plates. Ambiance was the bonus! It made us look around at that gigantic hall of the lobby lounge. Lights were a bit deemed in the evening, perfect to put us into relaxation moreover when there’s great numbers by Asif Pishori.

The total cost of our evening snack was only RM77.20 and to include the performance by Asif Pishori, the moment that we had at the Pacific Sutera Lobby Lounge is definitely PRICELESS.

We strongly recommend this place if you are looking for a great performance by a pianist and at the same time enjoying awesome evening snack(s) and beverages(s).

Lobby Lounge
The Pacific Sutera Hotel
Sutera Harbour Resort
1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard
88100 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 88 318 888
Fax: + 60 88 317 777
Website: Click HERE
Instagram: @suteraofficial

About Sutera Harbour Resort

The Resort comprises two five-star hotels – the 500-room Pacific Sutera and the 456-room Magellan Sutera – as well as the Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club with its 104-berth marina and an award winning 27-hole championship golf course designed by Graham Marsh. It also has 15 restaurants and bars, two grand ballrooms, 28 meeting rooms and a 100-seat auditorium for meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions (MICE).

Sutera Harbour Resort is the only destination in Kota Kinabalu that offers a five-star business-class hotel and resort attached to a 27-hole Graham Marsh-designed championship golf course, a state-of-the-art marine and clubhouse.  As Borneo’s largest and most extensive convention and banquet facility, the resort is the most sought-after venue for MICE events and is a beautiful mix of luxury, recreation and lifestyle.

The Resort is just 10 minutes by boat from the popular scuba diving destination of Sabah’s Tengku Abdul Rahman Marine National Park. The five islands that make up the Marine Park boast crystal-clear waters, abundant marine life and stunning coral reefs. Expanding into nature and adventure tourism in Sabah, the Resort also operates the North Borneo Railway – a mid-century British steam train that takes visitors on a nostalgic rediscovery of rail travel into the heart of Borneo.

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