Korean food undeniably hits Pinoy taste buds right. This can be attributed to our fascination with Korean culture ever since we were made aware of the sweeping phenomenon of Hallyu, but also largely because the confluence of its flavours is really close to home yet allows for appreciation for foreign food fare. Now we can see Filipinos snacking casually on Korean food like it’s always been part of our routine. This has made ramyun (Korean instant noodles) a hit locally because 1) The Philippines is undeniably a noodle nation and, 2) these products are now virtually accessible anywhere, which makes satisfying our incessant cravings easier. However, now is the perfect time to stock up on an essential Korean product, Korea’s #1 noodle brand, Nongshim #ShinRamyun. On #Nongshim Philippines’s social media accounts (@nongshimphl) on Facebook or Instagram, Nongshim Korea has announced their limited-time offering of a Special Promo Pack that has two FREE pouches in the multipack. That’s a total of 40% discount, which is good for both wallet and tummy. Just look for the 3+2 Multipack (you can choose from the original Shin Ramyun or the Shin Ramyun Super Spicy. The offer is part of the company’s #Shincares campaign to give back to Filipinos during this difficult time where a bowl of comfort food goes a long, long way.

The comfort food combos are just fitting because the 50-year old company espouses “sharing products with neighbors and pursuing happiness together” as one of the three core principles deeply rooted in its corporate culture. Nongshim Korea thought this would be the perfect time to give back some love to Filipinos (who’ve always had a penchant for Korean food) and say #StaySafe and #ThankYouPhilippines during this pandemic.

With Nongshim, the (food) possibilities are endless

The Shin Ramyun topping mix-and-match experience – The Shin Ramyun variant can be mixed and matched with anything your appetite desires. Seriously. Chunks of steak a little bit too much? Try Angus beef belly strips. Feeling healthy? Deep-fried firm tofu and baby spinach leaves also do the trick. Top it with blanched bean sprouts and peanuts and you’ll be having a pad thai crossover. And if you really want to indulge your deepest desires, try Spam. Cheese, kimchi, tiger shrimps – they get along well with Shin Ramyun!

Falling in love with Chapaguri after watching that one phenomenal Korean movie – One of the reasons your friends totally raved about the movie Parasite is the insightful feature on Korean food. One of the highlights of the movie was when one of the characters had to learn on the fly how to whip up the Korean comfort food, chapaguri (or ramdon). It’s a combination of two Korean instant noodles (Chapagetti and Neoguri, both made by Nongshim), topped with chunks of steak that’s been pan-grilled in butter. If you can’t be bothered to cut up and grill steak to make your own chapaguri, fear not. Nongshim wants you to always have your comfort food at hand so it came up with the Chapaguri Big Bowl. Nongshim Chapaguri has masterfully incorporated the taste of authentic chajang in its thick and chewy noodles. The dried vegetable mix packet has dried potatoes, onions, and carrots that go well nicely with the chajang sauce. If you really want to stir things up, go for the one marked with what Korean noodle fanatics refer to as “angry eyes”, the Chapaguri Big Bowl Spicy. Nongshim’s noodles have the dried mushroom, carrots and spring onion flakes that give the dish a richer flavor experience.

Shin Ramyun 3+2 Multipack, Shin Ramyun Super Spicy 3+2 Multipack, Neoguri, Chapaguri Big Bowl, and Chapaguri super spicy are available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. You can also stock up on your Korean food favorites at http://www.kpopfoods.com.ph.

Nongshim Shin Ramyun and Nongshim Chapaguri Big Bowl are officially distributed by #Nextrade Philippines http://www.nextrade.com.ph

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