I can only eat bananas when they are covered in chocolate or baked as a cake or both! I simply don’t enjoy banana in its naturally state they taste weird. I would do anything to avoid eating fruits if I could. So this is what happens when you have way to many bananas sitting in the fridge..you make everyone fat! 
No one believes this but my housemates but I EAT CHOCOLATE EVERYDAY!  I will find ways to get them in all of my food, currently I’m having oats , milk and 3 table spoon of chocolate ..why not !!
There’s this really cheap bar called GONG at Circular Road and you basically could afford a decent lunch or dinner at 10 dollars for fish and chip or chicken.
Since when did Netball became a contact sport! Also the stupid facial lady that tried to get squeeze it so hard when I told her i got hit just made it worst.
Muchachos at Keong Siak is one of my to go places for easy mexican food in Singapore, Sam would get his usually philly burrito and sadly I can only eat a chicken bowl, for $12 i barely can finish this sometimes. We would usually cycle there because its so close to Tanjong Pagar and I love sitting by all the old shop houses that’s revamp into cool Instagram worthy eatery. Yes everyone takes photo of their food, sometimes I think we only eat or travel to eat for Instagram.
There’s plenty of options being Celiac for food, I am sure I would fail the cross contamination test but I can’t cook always and no way am I gonna eat a salad and die everyday . I Love a good old paper dosa from an Indian restaurant, its basically rice crisp.. or the usually Yong Tau Foo from a Chinese stall that you can select what you want.
Was invited for the opening of #SHINEFESTIVAL 2016 along orchard road , I’m glad its back again this year!
How many new Gym can you name?
Well a recent one that just opened  close to Orchard (20 Devonshire Road, Singapore 239850) happens to be so green and fully equipped with everything you can imagine my best friend happens to work there! They got watt bikes, recovery area all this fancy big squat rack that you can do more than just squat. You know when you bring a kid to a candy store?  I am that kid in a gym, don’t ask why but a lot of gym have been my second home and meet a lot of amazing people with muscles on their shoulders, I still don’t know why we need muscles on our shoulder like that. haha 
This was before i snipped of my hair and watching AVERY turn 1! Honestly I get so broody when I see kids but I know at this moment I can’t tolerate them or let alone afford them. Also if you happen to go to toys R Us check out the price of Nemo soft toy! $69!!!! You could buy Salmon from the wet market to eat for the entire week with that money! geez what are toys made of.
What do you think of me trying to look 16 again! Weirdly when i was 16 I was trying to look 26.
Now if you happen to walk pass a statue of lions outside of a mall or hotel what do you do ? Well most people they are on their phones anyways so I guess you didn’t even notice a lion! But Jesus look at it, maybe I’m a child but it has a penis! xx

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