It is that time of the year again right? Where there will be plenty of red lanterns dangling in the air while the cracking of fireworks reverberates in the background, painting the otherwise charcoal black skies with colourful hues. It is Chinese New Year again for all of us who love this joyous festival. It is not a secret that our Lunar New Year is my number 1 favourite festival as you get to see your family members who live from far, far away, indulge in delicious food without any guilt, gamble your money away and play firecrackers. Ha 😀
In the morning of our new year eve-offered prayers to our ancestors
On the eve of Chinese New Year, we will offer prayers to our ancestors in the morning and when the sun had descended into the distant horizon, we will be enjoying our scrumptious dinner with our family. Such is our “rich” tradition which makes this festival very much anticipated by everyone of from all walks of life. So after our satisfying dinner, what will we be doing then? We will talk to each other to catch up while waiting for the arrival of 12 midnight (12a.m.) That will be the time we offer prayers to our Gods, Goddesses and deities to bless us with abundance in prosperity, health and happiness of course.
Family reunion dinner-Family is EVERYTHING! 🙂
After we have burnt the joss sticks and lighted the candles, those who believe in keeping vigil will stay awake as long as we can to usher the new lunar year. It is believed that when we keep vigil, we can get the blessings from heaven so that our family members can be happy, healthy and safe . That is why yours truly me have practised this custom for as long as I can remember-for more than 20 years since I was in primary school. 🙂
When the clock strikes 12a.m. it is a brand new Lunar year. 🙂
Our Goddess of Mercy. 
Our Tu Di Gong (God of the Soil & The Ground) 
Me keeping vigil until 5a.m. in the morning.
The next morning we will wake up early to greet our elders be it our parents, uncles or aunties and grandparents. After shaking our hands, we will utter auspicious greetings to wish them the best. Usually the younger ones will kneel down while greeting their elders ; in return the elders will give red packet containing money AKA Ang Pow to them. It is believe that Ang Pow will bring good luck to the recipients while warding off any evil or inauspicious incident.
Jordan boy wishing his grandpa to have good health. 🙂 
Jasmine girl did the same as well. 
Family portrait before we embark on our house-visiting journey.
Let’s go take Ang Pows! 
Siblings love.
Later we will proceed with our house visitation trip. On the first day of Chinese New Year, we will visit our elders or those whose rank is higher than ours as a show of respect. It was quite a fun outing for us as we got to see our other relatives and chit chat with them for a while. Though the visits might be brief, the memories weaved would always be indelible. After a few hours of house visiting we will usually call it a day and have a good rest. Well that is all from me. So how was your Chinese New Year folks? 🙂
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