Below I’m suggesting a few itinerary or “crawl” ideas for dining and shopping at a few women-owned businesses in different Edmonton and area neighbourhoods!

Think of it like your own curated little day (or days!!!) out, supporting great local businesses (that also happen to be owned by great, local women!)

All itineraries are designed to be within walking distance (within the neighbourhood the business resides). This covers 80+ women-owned businesses in 27 itineraries across 15 Edmonton and area neighbourhoods!

I tried to include food and shopping but in some instances you might find it all food, or all shopping. Feel free to mix and match itineraries in the same neighbourhoods if you want to really make a full day out of it!

And as with my other IWD / Women-Owned Business Guide, these suggested itineraries obviously do not cover ALL the great stores (women-owned or otherwise) in the respective neighbourhoods. It’s just some of my curated suggestions, and I tried to keep it as “walking distance” routes as possible (which narrowed down the list a lot—and yet, it still ended up being quite a long list, lol).

If you have suggested itineraries for specific neighbourhoods, let me know and I can add to this list too! Thanks to my pal Diane (@argenplath) for helping me with some of the research for these selected, close-proximity, women-owned businesses.


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