What would you do if your phone fell out of your pocket while you were ice climbing a frozen waterfall and it toppled over the side of a very steep and icy hill so you needed money to repair or replace the phone?

That very specific and pretty ridiculous ‘phone emergency’ happened to me last year, if you can believe it!

I remember freezing, midway up the frozen waterfall, not because of the cold but because of the fear of having broken my phone. I looked back and down, horrified, as the phone cracked its way down the hill we had hiked up in Canmore, Alberta.

Just moments before, Mike had suggested I leave my phone with him during my ice climb so it didn’t fall out. “I’ll just zip up my pockets!” I had replied dismissively, and then proceeded to forget to zip up my pockets, lol. 

Accidents happen. Emergencies happen.

So how prepared would you be in the event of an emergency—silly or serious?

I’m teaming up with for another series of (sponsored) blog posts this year, aimed at increasing Albertans’ financial literacy (along with my own!), showing you how easy it can be to save, why you should be thinking about saving, and hopefully encouraging you to actually do it or do more of it! 

Full disclosure: Mike and I wouldn’t really describe ourselves as great savers or budgeters. We really do our best and are comfortable with where we are at financially, but know there is seriously a lot more we could be doing. I also recognize that some people may not be in a position where they really put aside an emergency savings fund. For us it’s more about doing what we can, when we can (some months we don’t put anything into savings, other months we’re able to put a little, other months, a lot).

“Small steps” when it comes to saving is sort of our financial motto. So, I’m fully aligned with what ATB is trying to do—educating and making it as easy as they can for Albertans to save. 

This month’s financial literacy topic, if you haven’t already guessed, is on emergency savings!

Do you have an emergency fund? If you don’t, or if you don’t have much in it (hey, I’m right there with you!), hopefully this blog post gets you making some changes, or thinking about making some changes! 

Here are four ridiculous but real emergencies a savings fund can help you with, along with a few ways you can build up your emergency fund through ATB Prosper.

Note: I’m focusing on the sillier emergencies in this post but of course emergency funds come in most handy with serious emergencies. I hope you aren’t facing or have to face a serious emergency anytime soon… but if it does come up—I hope an emergency fund helps get you through it!

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