• Denise Laurel admitted she loves food so much that it becomes her source of joy and comfort
  • When she indulges, she has learned to be kind to herself and instead of feeling guilty, she makes a conscious decision to do better next time
  • The actress even calls food as her “best friend”

When it comes to health, Denise Laurel shared she really takes it seriously but admits that eating healthy is not always an easy feat.

Image by Denise Laurel via Instagram

The actress said she has no vices but admits struggling with eating a healthy diet. That’s because Denise said eating has become such a comfort to her that food is now her “best friend.” Denise said, “Being healthy is an everyday struggle because I love food. I love, love, love.”

“It’s my best friend because, when I’m stressed, I don’t yell, I don’t cry. I don’t have any vices. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, so food is really a comfort for me,” she explained on Pep.

Denise shared that while she doesn’t like spending on expensive things, she really spends on food because it brings her so much happiness.

The actress said, “I’m not maluho, I don’t like expensive things. I don’t own anything branded, I don’t like shopping. Food is really my go-to for when I’m tired, I’m mad, sad, broken hearted, happy, celebratory. You know what I mean?”

Denise added that she is a true “chocohalic,” enjoying chocolates, cupcakes, cookies and anything sweet.

Image by Denise Laurel via Instagram

This love for food has often been a cause of guilt for the actress. For sometime she has felt bad for enjoying food so much. But as time went by she learned to deal with guilt constructively.

“One thing people have to understand is you have to be kind to yourself,” Denise said. Instead of being hard on herself, she has learned to make up for it. She often asks herself, “How can I do better?’

The answer, Denise said, is conscious decisions such as going to the gym, looking out on what you eat or drink.

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