We love Japanese food! So do our Medicine Hat pals Jack and Nicole. They’ve tried all the Japanese options in Medicine Hat and were excited to take us to the newest spot: . This spot turned out to be their favourite Japanese in Medicine Hat—and in turn, ours! 

The 1911 Lounge offers 18 wines, 15 signature cocktails, 11 scotches and bourbons, and 11 beer on tap.

We would recommend the chorizo meatballs with white cheddar aioli, dill aioili, and bacon jam, scallop and short rib ragout with braised mushrooms and U-10 scallops (a higher quality). Their 1911 Crispy Potato (their take on a mashed potato) was perfect. And I loved the wild mushroom risotto with roast chicken.

The vibe / look and feel of The 1911 Lounge is what you’d expect of a prohibition-era place. It definitely feels like a nicer, more elegant room, and along with the great drinks and food, was why our friends wanted to treat us to a memorable night here! 

The Heartwood Cafe, located at 403 North Railway St. SE, is so damn charming. There is a really cool, rustic, upcycled wooden counter/bar, there are vintage ornate mirrors and tea cup collections on display (and for sale). It’s spacious, eclectic, warm, with funky lamps and knit owls. There’s wooden bench seating with cute pillows. It’s honestly such a cool cafe! 

The eggs benedict and breakfast sandwich were unbelievably delicious. Do try them!!! We are also told that their pizzas are presented on heart-shaped wood, so fun! And fruit on our bennies were cut into heart shapes too. 

Now full disclosure, we didn’t play any board games there, we were just there for the amazing brunch, but I like going to places that welcome you to sit down for awhile and enjoy and would totally come back to play games here on a return visit! What an adorable cafe. I seriously cannot recommend a visit here enough.

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