Who’s ready to row?! Crew Fitness just opened up in the Heights, and wow is it addicting.
PS: FREE CLASSES! This Saturday, Feb 22. Click here to sign up.
What to know before you ROW It’s a full-body, 45-minute workout. If you’re only sore in your arms, you’ve done it wrong. Throughout the class, you switch between your floor and your mat. Row two minutes, do 20 pushups. There’s this thing called an up-down that I will have nightmares about. Pushup to deadlift to curl to press. Then you do it all again. (Your choice of weights — I did two 10 lbs.) High energy, colorful lights, loud — it’s like a spin class with its level of fun! There’s a $99/month founder’s special! You can also pay per class. There’s really nothing else like it in Houston. It’s really going to be a great place to mix up your workouts or really get into a new type of fitness. This is Crew’s second studio. The first one is in Mobile, Alabama. The owners, Marcia and Dan, are a married couple that moved to Houston just to open Crew! You can train here for the Buffalo Bayou Regatta ! Sure, it’s different types of rowing, but same muscles!
Highly recommend this class, guys! It’s so fun and the owners are just the best. It’s so awesome to see a new studio open up as Houston’s fitness scene expands and diversifies! Woohoooo!

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