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Published: January 3, 2020 3:00:33 pm

You can eat whatever you want, of course, but looks like some people are going overboard with their food experiments to challenge their taste buds. The latest among these is Chicken Tikka in tea. Yes, you read that right.

We bet you have not come across this unthinkable food combination yet, but thanks to a Reddit user who recently shared a video of tikka dipped in milk tea, you do now. The person loved the taste and wrote, “At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but after I tried it, I’m really digging the flavor. The after-taste was decent.”

If you are already feeling uneasy, take a look at some of the other bizarre food combos that will surely blow your mind:

Idli in tea

The same Reddit user earlier posted a video of eating idli dipped in milk tea, and wrote, “Hello, I am new to India. I hope I am doing this right.” Clearly, his source of information is questionable.

Nutella and biryani

You were complaining about veg biryani? Then how would you explain people’s desire to ruin the flavour of biryani with cocoa?

Gulab jamun ki sabzi

Who knew your favourite would find a place in rich creamy gravy? This unique sabzi, however, is known to be a delicacy in Rajasthan, where gulab jamun is deep-fried and added to a gravy, instead of a sugar syrup.

Gulab jamun pizza

After pineapple pizza and chocolate pizza, it was gulab jamun toppings on pizza crust that caught everyone’s attention. So, is it really pizza or dessert?

Sweet Rose Maggi

Your regular two-minute noodle with veggies is passe. A food blogger on YouTube chose to add condensed milk and dried rose petals to Maggi to make kheer. Watch the recipe and decide for yourself if you want to have it.

Best maggi recipe

— Desi Gooner (@Sahil_Adhikaari) September 12, 2019

Maggi with orange

As if kheer Maggi was not enough, netizens were treated to yet another marvel of food experiments — Maggi with orange.

Green chilli and ice cream

If our mood swings were to be defined by something, this food combination would get the hamper. In case you are in a mood to eat both spicy and sweet, here’s your option.

Would you like to try any of these food combinations?

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