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March 3, 2019
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Authentic Japanese fine dining in Kohantei – Luxuria Lifestyle

Authentic Japanese fine dining in Kohantei

December 1, 2018

Recently opened Kohantei strives to refute stereotypes about Japanese gastronomy – its menu has a lot of interesting dishes which are traditionally common in Japan, but not wide known outside the country. The menu of Kohantei is a fascinating culinary guide to the country which gave to the world a truly unique gastronomic culture. The restaurant brings an expertise in authentic Japanese fine dining Kaiseki like no other restaurant in the city. It serves up traditional elegant and delicate dishes using the finest Japanese produce, which revolve around an ancient Japanese ‘Kaiseki’ menu and will continually evolve depending on ingredients that are in-season. Important to mention that seafood, fish, the finest wagyu beef, and even fruits and vegetables in Kohantei are freshly brought from Japan by airplane each week.

The Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese meal concept which involves an elaborate series of exquisite dishes meticulously served and replaced with a symbolic sequence in a humble and intimate setting, which are cooked in a special way, and which to be enjoyed over the course of two to three hours. This is not only gastronomic, but also an aesthetic pleasure, which will be remembered for a long time. The ceremony immerses in meditation, teaches leisureliness, an ability to enjoy the moment and appreciate the time spent in a good company with a delicious meal.

This ancient tradition has more than 500 years. However it’s not easy to experience Kaiseki even in Japan, as not all the restaurants offer this unique experience. Which makes Kohantei restaurant even more valuable for a true connoisseurs of traditional Japanese dining experience.

The menu has been lovingly created by Executive Chef Hisao Ueda, from a treasure chest of exceptional seasonal ingredients which are personally sourced from Japan. Guests have the choice of a la carte dining or five multi-course menus featuring premium Japanese beef and seafood. You can choose from traditional 6 courses menu to a very fulfilling 8 courses one which gives a full experience on finest Japanese beef.

The humble and intimate ambience will leave diners with a memorable experience to last a lifetime. Kohantei embodies the centuries old tradition of Omotenashi – the spirit of Japanese hospitality. With traditionally dressed all Japanese staff and authentic Japanese architecture, every detail within the restaurant magically transports guests to the heart of traditional Japan. From the handmade tableware and storied Japanese artwork, to the sliding shōji doors and traditional tatami flooring, every element of the space has been meticulously curated to provide a personal feeling of warmth and serenity. Paying homage to Japanese customs, guests are gently reminded to remove their shoes inside the restaurant, which only serves to accentuate the authentic experience.

With three private dining rooms and an intimate dining area with five exclusive tables, Kohantei is the hidden gem of Downtown Dubai’s Dubai Opera District and will take guests on a culinary journey through the true essence of Japanese culture.

T: +04 243 4951
W: Kohantei
SM: Facebook /Instagram

Written by Alina Dyachenko for Luxuria Lifestyle

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