The Artist House Udaipur, is a really cool Cafe, Bar, co-work space and much more. We are giving you a sneak peek to what to expect when it gets open for all on 16th May. Here is what all you need to know.

What’s the word on the street?

Their take on the interiors and decor is definitely unique. All of the elements are very contemporary.

The hanging lights, wood furniture and the subtle touch of the greens, make this place lively yet warm at the same time. A cafe which is one of its kind.

Inside Scoop

Their in-house pool is such a refreshing site. Just one look and you want to Dive in. Trust us, your daily swimming sessions are sorted.

Well, will you look at that?  A yummy wood fire pizza, fresh breeze, and such a cozy environment. It is a tropical vacation altogether.

Their pool view rooms are cherry on top! A lot of structure and abstract can be observed but the modesty is not lost at all.

This co-working space is really chill. Work and drinks seem to be our favorite this season.  

Local Samosa Bites

Such a creative coffee cup. Coffeina Cone is something that we want to try for sure.

Their special range of coffee really seems decadent.

The menu seems to be quite tempting. We can definitely expect a lot of comfort food here. The cafe really does have created a hype so far.

“EAT. DRINK. WORK. STAY !” – as quoted by the Artist House, we are very excited to cherish the art of food and comfort here.

I’m Game lets Plan

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