Imagine you were happily browsing on Amazon, trying to find the best deals on the Internet; When you have finally made up your mind to purchase an item, it was stated that this item does not ship to you country. BAM! That was exactly what had happened to me the other day when I tried to buy a pair of premium wireless earbuds on Amazon but it DOES NOT SHIP TO Malaysia! What? I was really gutted and sad as I really wanted to get them. Then I stumbled upon BuyandShip which is an online forwarding portal to solve my shopping problem. Read on to find out.
You can find so many elusive gadgets that are rare in local shopping portals 
I wanna buy this wireless ear buds! 
BUT…it does not ship to Malaysia…NOOOOOoooo…
With BuyandShip , you can purchase anything from any online shopping portals from all over the world even if it does not ship to your country. The best part is they will deliver your purchases right to your doorstep. So by using their international forwarding service, geographical limitation is virtually non-existence which means you can buy anything from America, England, Korea, China, Hong Kong or Japan even if they do not ship to your country . So how does Buyandship works?
So here is my solution: use BuyandShip Malaysia!
STEP 1-Register as a BuyandShip member:
Once you have registered, you will receive your buyandship overseas warehouse address and your membership ID.
As a gadget lover, I love to browse Amazon as it has a lot of geeky stuff that I cannot buy from local stores and they have cheaper price tags too.
Here is a list of global shopping portals for you to shop till you drop
I am so going to buy this even if it does not ship to Malaysia! 🙂
 Fill in the nearest BuyandShip warehouse address.
Voila your purchase is done! 🙂
Once you have are done with your purchase after checking out, don’t forget to fill in your nearest Buyandship overseas warehouse address as the shipping address, your name with membership ID and as the recipient . By doing so, BuyandShip can easily identify your purchase(s) and handle your parcels accordingly.
Once you get your tracking number, declare your purchase at BuyandShip 
Declare by adding a new item
STEP 3-Declare your parcel (purchase):
The moment your purchase has been shipped by the foreign shopping store (in my case by Amazon), you will be provided with the tracking number of your item. All you need to do is to declare your item by filling in the tracking information in the BuyandShip website.
It will take a few days your purchased item to be shipped to the HK warehouse
STEP 4-Wait for email notification:
Once your purchased item has arrived at the selected BuyandShip oversea warehouse, it will be delivered to the BuyandShip Hong Kong warehouse. Then an email will be sent to you, notifying you about the arrival of your purchased item. What now? Please proceed to step 5 of course. 🙂
Once it has arrived the HK warehouse, you can ship it to your doorstep in Malaysia
STEP 5-Pay shipment fee for BuyandShip to deliver your purchased item(s) to Malaysia:
Yupe! Once your purchased item has arrived at the Hong Kong warehouse, all you need to do is to pay the shipping fees which are calculated by weight. Voila! It will be delivered to Malaysia right at your doorstep. The best part about BuyandShip is that you can consolidate your purchased items from different countries into ONE without any extra repackaging fee and have them deliver them to you. Talking about saving a lot of money huh?
My wireless ear buds are here. Thank you BuyandShip Malaysia
Once you have paid the delivery fees of your purchased item, it will be sent to you in Malaysia in no time. So just sit back (shake your legs), relax and wait for the arrival of you shopping spree right at your doorstep . *Ding Dong* My premium wireless earbuds arrived earlier than I have expected and I must say that I am really, really happy that my parcel which does not ship to Malaysia is finally here thanks to BuyandShip. See nothing is impossible! I am really impressed with this online forwarding service provided by them. I think if you are not using Buyandship, then you are really missing losing a lot!
5 REASONS TO CHOOSE BUYANDSHIP (1) AFFORDABILITY Besides being really cheap  as it employs weight-based delivery fees, you can also save a lot of money by using their service as they allow you to consolidate your purchased items. (2) RELIABILITY AND SPEED Moreover they are   reliable and quick as you can easily track your parcels without any worry. The fact that they are handling a lot of shipments means that you delivery will of course be prompt and in safe hands. (3) EASY AS ABC
As I have shown to you, forwarding your purchased item from oversea warehouse is actually a hassle-free process  in just a few simple steps. Contrary to popular misleading beliefs, it is actually really easy to use the service and in no time your parcel will knocking on your doorstep, literally. (4) DAILY DISCOUNTS Who would thought that you can even get daily updates on the latest crazy promotions and deals   from all over the Internet. In other words, they will scourge the worldwide online shopping portal to search for the best bargain and share them with us. Liking their Facebook page right now *click* (5) BE REWARDED Honestly I am quite surprised to find out that you can even earn Buyandship points that can be used for future purchases. This translates to even more saving right? Talking about rewarding your customers huh. This is definitely a boon for consumers especially those who shop online a lot. Ha 😀
My premium wireless ear buds that I bought from Amazon
There you go folks, the top 5 reasons why you should be using Buyandship to purchase what you desire from all over the world even when they do not want to ship to your country. It is really easy to use. In fact, this is y first time using their forwarding service and I am really delighted that everything goes well…wait actually they have exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I am definitely recommending Buyandship to those who always “shop the world” as they tick all the right boxes for being one of the best online forwarding services available. OK! I am out~I wanna play with my wireless earbuds right now. See ya. Ouh don’t forget to register a BuyandShip account ok! 😀
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